Tandoori Chicken

by mimithorisson

This recipe is one of my favourite ones because it’s so tasty and easy to make. I love going out to an Indian restaurant, however it is so rewarding & cozy to have this at home. The kids love it too!

8 skinned chicken legs
4 tbsp Lemon Juice
3 Garlic Clove
1 inch piece peeled and coarsely chopped Fresh Ginger
1 Green chilli
8 tablespoons Greek yogurt or plain yogurt
2 tsp ground Cumin
2 tsp Garam masala
2 tsp Paprika
6 tsp of ready-made tandoori spice (available in most supermarkets)
2 tsp Salt
4 tbsp melted ghee/clarified butter (see recipe under clarified butter)
For garnishing:
Lemon Wedges
Raita (see recipe under raita)

Make a few light incisions in the skinned chicken legs using a knife.
Put the chicken in a ovenproof dish. In a large bowl, add lemon juice, garlic, ginger and green chilli. Combine to the paste the yogurt, ground cumin, garam masala, paprika or the tandoori spice, salt and the melted ghee.
Mix all the ingredients well until smooth, then add and cover the chicken legs (mix well so it’s well covered).
Let it marinate at room temperature for about 5 hours or overnight in the fridge. Make sure to take it out at least 2 hours before cooking so the chicken is at room temperature.
Place chicken in a pre-heated oven at 325 F/ 165 celsius.
Let it roast for 1 hour, turning twice so it’s evenly roasted. For the last 10 minutes or less, turn up the oven heat to 210 degrees to sizzle up the chicken. Take it out from the oven and grill it for a few minutes on a griddle to have the ‘charcoal grilled’ effect (optional).
Serve with lemon garnishing, pilau rice (see recipe under pilau rice) and raita.