Confit de canard with roast potatoes

by mimithorisson

Duck legs confit - golden & crispy

At our dinner table

Gertrude loves being in the kitchen!

This French dish is so classic and lovely to make. For those of you who love a good confit, here’s a very simple recipe to have a full-on bistrot meal!

You will need:

4 duck legs
4 large potatoes
Fresh thyme
4 garlic cloves (leave the skin on)
6-8 tablespoons of duck fat (optional)
Lots of coarse sea salt (fleur de sel) & pepper

Cover your duck legs with a lots of ‘fleur de sel’ and make sure to rub it in. Cover and leave in your fridge overnight, but you can also salt your duck legs and leave them 2 hours in room temperature – if that is the case use less duck fat from the jar.
When ready, take out the duck legs (make sure they are at room temperature, I always take out any meat I am about to cook 2 hours before) and place them in an oven-proof dish. Slice your potatoes into large chunks and place them around the duck legs. Since duck legs are rather ‘fatty’, the fat will melt beautifully and make your dish extra golden and crispy. Classic French recipes require a jar of duck fat, but believe me the fat you will get from this dish is more than enough. Add the garlic and sprigs of thyme and bake in a preheated oven on 200°C for about 2 hours. I would recommend to check the duck legs after and hour and a half.
Ps: Duck fat is healthy for you!