Eggs and soldiers

‘Eggs and soldiers’ is a perfect meal whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We often have it on Wednesdays because the kids don’t have school that day, and we love going to the charming Saint-Vivien de Médoc food market to buy fresh farm eggs from the fromagerie (cheese store). When you buy your eggs, you have to specify that you want to eat them soft-boiled. You will then be offered extra-fresh farm eggs to be eaten ‘à la coque’ (soft-boiled) within 5 days.
I like to serve the eggs with ‘ham’ soldiers (buttered sliced toast with ham). A truly satisfying meal.


4 fresh farm eggs
1 loaf of bread or baguette
4 slices ham

Bring a small pan of water to the boil. Place the eggs gently in the boiling water and simmer for 4 minutes. In the same time, toast the bread, butter lightly and slice into ‘soldiers’. Cut strips of ham and place on each piece of bread.

Serve egg in egg cup with the buttered ‘ham’ soldiers. Salt egg to your taste.

Coconut tapioca pudding

This morning, I was in the mood for something different, so I made coconut tapioca pudding.  In Asia, tapioca is used in many deserts and snacks. In Hong-Kong, I would often go with my mother and friends to a little ‘sweet café’ (typical desert-only restaurant) and have a Chinese deserts, like a mango or melon tapioca pudding. It’s usually served warm, but cold is delicious too. My kids adore this dish, and they are fascinated by the little translucent pearls.  This coconut tapioca pudding is pure comfort food, and so easy to make.  I buy tapioca in Asian stores,  but they also sell it in health stores and supermarket.  In France you can buy Tipiak (Perles du Japon).


400 ml coconut milk
400 ml water
90 grs sugar
100 grs tapioca pearls
40 grs unsalted peanuts, grilled and crushed coarsely
1 sliced banana or mango

Bring the coconut milk and water to a boil, then slowly add the tapioca pearls (stirring fast is important at first so the tapioca won’t stick together). Add sugar. Cook for about 20 mins stirring regularly on a low heat.  The tapioca is cooked when it turns clear.
In the meantime, grill the peanuts in a small pan for a few minutes. Take away from heat, let cool, and crush them coarsely.
Serve warm (I prefer) or cold, sprinkle the peanuts and sliced bananas. Pure bliss.