Garden cake revisited

Life without love is like a year without a summer‘ – Swedish proverb.

Summer has entered our lives in Médoc, with all its glorious flowers, green trees and lovely singing birds. The sweet and woodsy smell of the pine forest that surrounds us is so energizing!

There is so much life in our garden, from growing tomatoes, lemons, oranges, roses, fuchsias to name a few. Being passionate about flowers, I am starting to get very interested in edible flowers. There is a world of new ideas for recipes coming to my head, especially with lavender and roses, both organically grown here. Due to the popularity of the garden cake, I wanted to make another one with edible flowers and leaves from this season’s crop. I picked a few leaves from our vines, bellflowers (Campanula), thyme flower and lavender, all-organic of course. I couldn’t resist adding a dash of yellow, so I plucked a few tomato flowers, but be careful as they are not to be eaten.

Our new puppies were extremely interested in the cake, as you can see! Hugo, Harper, Halle and Hank are so irresistible – they are 2 and a half months now, and every time I look out the window they have learnt a new trick!

Bellflower ice-cubes

I am particularly fond of bellflowers. These pretty purple blue flowers can be used for culinary purposes to garnish dishes and to serve as edible flowers in salads. When I was decorating my garden cake (see garden cake post), the bellflowers were so beautiful that I had to do something more with them. I thought of making ice-cubes and was amazed by the result – the cubes looked like little jewels. Now my freezer drawers look like the ones in jewelry stores!


Organic Bellflowers (Campanula)
Ice-cube mold

Place flowers in each ice-cube mold, fill with water and place in freezer until frozen.