About me

Food has always been a passion ever since I was a child. As far as I can remember, I always loved discovering delicious dishes from around the world, especially French and Chinese cuisine, since they are part of my heritage. All my favourite dishes have been engraved in my palate and these memories have inspired me to become the cook I am today. Through my work in media, I had the chance to meet some of the world’s best chefs from France and Asia, and I have spent a great deal of my life eating at bistros/cafés/restaurants/eateries/trattorias/brasseries/dai pai dongs! I am always learning, looking, indulging. Being a mom to four kids and step-mom to two super-duper teenagers, my family is my main motivator and cooking for them is my greatest pleasure.  Our lives is one big dish!  I love cooking great dishes everyday of the week. I just can’t help it! In this blog, you will find my everyday recipes, adapted for all kinds of occasions.
Having lived in Hong-Kong, Singapore, London, Reykjavik and Paris, we have been longing for a ‘country-life’. Our dream recently came true and here we are in the most beautiful part of the Médoc, France. While our kids are still small, our lives still young, our dogs so splendid, our journey is just beginning! And by the way, we have 14 dogs! Jack Russell, fox terriers and one beloved German pointer called Gertrude. My husband is a photographer, art director, and recently fulfilled his dream by becoming a dog breeder.
I hope this blog will interest you, amuse you, intrigue you, and most of all, make you want to cook some of my recipes.

Note: All the photos are taken by my husband Oddur Thorisson.

Contact: mf_ds@hotmail.com
You can also find me on ‘Manger‘ by Mimi Thorisson on Facebook, ‘Mimi Thorisson’ on Pinterest and ‘mimithor‘ on Instagram.