Life in Médoc

Ah, beautiful Médoc!

Having lived in Paris for so many years, my husband and I decided to take the big step and live in the country.  The conditions were perfect – our kids are below 10 years of age, our work is flexible (photography, journalism)  and we can travel anywhere.  So why not?  I admit it was more of my husband’s idea at first.  When he came up with the subject one summer, I thought to myself I could never survive without the beat of the city.  I am a Hong-Kong/Paris girl at heart!

We’ve been living in Médoc, France, for nearly 18 months now.   And it’s taken me some time to adapt.  Getting out of a city is like a detox program.   No one is stressed out here. Stores, banks, post offices – they have long daily lunch breaks.  No one is in a rush.  People you meet talk about the mushrooms they found in the forest, or where the geese are flying to (it’s an indication of how soon summer will come).  It’s nice.

Médoc is perfect in the sense that you have all the best on a platter – amazing châteaux and 1,500 vineyards all over, the ocean and wild white sand beaches 4 km away, wild pine forests filled with wild boars, deers, bécasses birds to name a few.  Our kids have the chance to live in this rich landscape, enjoy a life ‘au naturel’, and our dogs are in heaven.


Market days

Days of wine and oysters

The magic box

Chateau Maucaillou

Aïoli & seafood delight

The butcher chef

Bordeaux – Food shopping part I